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Colorado Public Radio story on Street Fraternity: click image below to listen or read the story


Thank you! – message from participants

Street Fraternity is proud of Goshen Carmel for starting his own business of videography and photography.  Click image below to view, see his services, and for bookings.  He’s excellent!

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Tamara Banks and DU interview with Executive Director & CO-Founder Yoal Ghebremeskel

REAL LIFE: Collaboration between two talents… Suryah/Suraj/Robert the poet & musician, & Goshen the videographer & photographer  (visit to book Goshen.)

2017 Dr. Matin Luther King, Jr. Business Award: Street Fraternity – Celebrating ‘Content of Character’

Every 1st Thursday of the Month: 5:00pm – 6:30pm join Street Frat, walk2connect, & community every 1st Thursday 

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Walk Description: Join us on the first Thursday of every month to walk the streets of North Lowry and East Colfax. On the way we’ll connect with a local non-profit, Street Fraternity. Street Fraternity is a one of a kind organization creating a place of brotherhood and personal growth for urban young men. Check out this video here to learn more. We will start each walk at Regal Cafe near 12th and Syracuse move East into North Lowry/East Colfax. We will stop at Street Frat and do a brief walk through and welcome from staff and volunteers. We will be entering as they get ready for dinner, so it will be quick. The young men are invited and encouraged to join the walk if they want to on the way back. We will then continue South to/through Verbena Park and finishing back at Regal Cafe.

Please join us to learn more about this important organization, to connect with good people, and to get some fresh air.


Feb 2nd, 2017: Statement from Street Fraternity Board and Executive Director

Hello friends,

The recent Executive Order by President Donald J. Trump to ban the entry of travelers from some majority Muslim countries and all refugees created dismay and confusion throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Like many of our friends and neighbors in East Colfax and Aurora, the Street Fraternity Board of Directors and its Executive Director were stunned by the President’s Executive Order.  While the Executive Order is currently being challenged, Street Fraternity’s mission of creating a consistently safe space and place for refugee, immigrant, and local urban young men continues. Since 2013, Street Fraternity has valued inclusivity and diversity as evidenced by the consistent attendance of refugee, immigrant, and local young men from all cultures, nationalities, racial and religious groups during our times of operation (Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-9:00pm).

Many of our participants come from former refugee and immigrant families from the countries listed in the President’s Executive Order. Like all young people, the young men we serve at Street Fraternity are seeking a safe place to build community, trust, relationships, and a sense of belonging as they work towards acculturating to the values and beliefs of the United States and, their own coming-of-age issues like graduating high school, applying for a job, identifying a career, and so on. Street Fraternity provides a safe place where they can be themselves, connect with other young men and male mentors, and share their stories about the tragedies they and their families have experienced in their countries of origin.

Despite the current climate of confusion and dismay, our doors remain open. Street Fraternity is here for refugee and immigrant young men and their families. Our board and staff are committed to providing a safe place free of hate and fear where young men can talk, play, develop relationships, and trust others while they grapple with their own trials and tribulations associated with becoming an adult.

If you are trying to figure out ways to participate and serve during these uncertain times, please think about Street Fraternity. You can do the following:

  • Hang Out: Volunteer to come by in the evening to mentor, help with homework or job applications, or just be available to the young men who are here.  Contribute: Make a donation online to help us to continue to create a welcoming and safe space for young men from refugee and immigrant families. Serve: Prepare or serve a meal in the evening. Help with dinner then hang around to talk over dinner with the young men. Join: Share your expertise by joining the Street Fraternity board or a committee.

Your mere presence can provide for these refugee and immigrant young men a significant reassurance and embracement of inclusivity and diversity at Street Fraternity.

So come and be a part of Street Fraternity’s mission to be an inclusive and diverse safe space for the refugee, immigrant, and the local young men we serve.


Street Fraternity Board of Directors and Executive Director

Goshen Carmel’s Documentary on Street Fraternity 

What I see – Goro ft. Candy Camero

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1st Music Video: Goro ft. Candy Camero

Nepali rap in the Music Studio

Practicing music inside the Meditative/Prayerful room

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Dancing in the Aggressive/Workout Room

9News: SF 2014 Thanksgiving Dinner

Dancing and Working Out